Fastline Auto is a complete automotive repair center, which our experiences technician will provide highest quality service on a reasonable price.

Our Mechanical service includes:

Maintenance - Maintence is one of the major thing alot of people neglect for their car, a proper maintance will help extents the life of the car.
Maintence can be as easy as changing the oil and filter every 5000km or as the manufacturer recommened, checking the lights.
Every Manufacturer has a maintenance shelude for you to follow to properly maintain your vehicles. In Fastline Auto, everytime you
come in for oil change we will do a 15 point check on your vehicle to check for the safety of the vehicle and the all the maintence item
that will need to be service.

Ignition - Ignition is what turns on your engine. When you put your ignition, it will send a signal to start to crank the engine on. If the starter now
working properly will cause engine not to start. Also the spark in the engine is to keep engine to be running. Spark is generated by the
spark plug, distrbutor or coil. When ever you experience how to start, you should bring your car into our shop to be look at.

Brake - Brake is one the most important safety feature in your vehicle. Brake has many warning to be spoted when a probelm is occuring, it can
soft brake pedal can means air in the hydraulic system, hard pedal can be brake booster malfunction or brake lining worn out, when you
hear noise it can means the brake pad are almost worn out, glazed rotor, caplier need service. When you come to Fastline our Brake
service expert has the proper diagnose equipement to find out if anything wrong with your brake system.

Exhaust - Exhaust is the emission control conponent that help to the make your engine most enfficient and produce less harmful pollution to the
enviroment. The emission components like catalytic converter will help to reduce harm emission. Oxygen sensor will help make the
engine more efficient. Leaks in exhaust system can cause the oxygen sensor to have false reading and casuing the engine to spend more fuel.
Muffler is the component that reduce the noise the engine produce, so you can listen to your music in the car instead of the loud sound of

Engine - Engine is like the heart of the car, sometime when there is major problem need to be repair or replace engine. In Fastline auto we have the proper equipment to proform service in your car. 

Transmission - When you need a transmission replace or repair, Fastline Auto has the proper equipment to do the job. If you have a manual transmission you have problem shifting, gear grinding, clutch not working or can not get out of gear, you vehicle may be experience a problem in the clutch or transmssion. If you have automatic transmission you experience a the rpm go higher and car is not moving, grinding noise, transmission leaks, or transmission slipping , you may be experience a problem in your transmission.

Electrical - Electrical are compenent that will cause you problem like a light not working, a check engine light, as broken fuse. all these thing can cause a problem to your vehicle. When you come in to Fastline Auto our experience technician will use our computerize equipment to proform diagnose your problem. 

Steering- When you have a differcult keeping your steering staight, you might having a problem with your steering components. it could be a steering components loose, bent, or worn out. When you come in to Fastline Auto we will provide a proper  diagnose on your vehicle to find out the where the problem is located.

Suspension - Suepension is one of the confort components that are in your vehicles. When you go over bumps the suspension will reduce the shocks of the bump. If you are experience your vehicle is bouncing up and down or making noise when going over bump, you may expenerience a problem in your suspension components.

Alignment - Alignment is the proper maintence of your vehicle to make your vehicle is driving straight. When you drive your vehicle do you see when your steering wheel is straight, but the car is not going straight, you may have an alignment problem. Normally you should have your
alignment check out. Proper alignment also help increase your life of the tire, as when alignment is out the tire mat not wear equally and causing the tire to wear prematurely. Come in to Fastline Auto, our technician will use our computerize equipment to check your alignment and adjust to the manufacturer specifications.